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Adam Sefton

include the fact that he has met Buck Rodgers, studied creative writing at Derby University, came top of the class in his adult beginners ski group, and stole two full ink cartridges from the stationary shop at primary school. He's very sorry about that. If you're still interested, he'd also like you to know the following ...

Reading Room

I'm Chief Strategy Officer at Reading Room. We're a digital agency. We make things. I help make sure what we make solves the right problems. This involves intelligence, diplomacy, logic, persuasion, analytical thinking, bloody-mindedness and a willingness to fail.

The Sweet Confusion

I play bass in a band called The Sweet Confusion. We've recorded two albums, which you can buy on iTunes or stream on Spotify. I promise they're both really good and worthy of your attention. We're currently trying to record our third. Easier said than done.

The Irregular

A chap called Phil Dearson and I record an occasional podcast called The Irregular. It's a rambling look at digital marketing and communications. Phil Adams once called us "The Derek and Clive of digital", which I think was nice of him. It gives you an idea of what to expect at any rate.

Way Out Where

Way Out Where is my blog. Although I don't update it much, it's been around for years in one form or another. If I were more pretentious I would make a big point about being an early blogger, but at the time it didn't feel special, it just felt like fun. I miss that feeling a bit.

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